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We help startups to pitch their innovative business ideas to the angel investors and venture capitalists easily and faster


An ideal pitch video is simple, memorable and convincing. First you need to talk about, why is your product is needed, what is the problem that exist and to who your product is that to solve. Couple of sentences highlighting the problem, highlighting the benefits and results of your idea or product. Second thing you want to talk about is your product or idea uniquely bring to the problem you have identified. This should be 1 or 2 key features of your idea that impact on the problem like your unique innovation or personal credential of yours. Please avoid long list of features. Keep it simple, short and focused. Clearly explain the problem and how your idea impact the problem that you have identified.

keep it short. the shorter it is, the better investor will remember. should be 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Second thing you need to do is do not use a lot of technical deals or signs because you might be familiar with it but the investor might not. Finally, do not hide your enthusiasm. But do not over claim about your idea either.

The fee of $11.99 includes taxes. There are no hidden fees.

There is a monthly subscription fee of $11.99. Your video will be sent to existing investors, as well as investors who sign up throughout the month. You can also update your profile and pitch video at any time using feedback given from investors.

You are not providing any of your confidential data. Only Accredited Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists use our website. It is against the law for a non Accredited Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist to register as an investor. Additionally, we have a special unit that regularly checks on the investors data.

It is preferable to select Angel Investor if your startup is in the seed stage or has recently launched. If your startup is in the growth stage, then it is advisable to select a Venture Capitalist. You can also change the type of investor at any point after registering.

Yes, you can take a video using iOS, or Android. The video should be clear and audible. Many entrepreneurs take pitch videos using their smart phones.

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